Episode Page 42: You are Never Too Old to Transform your Lifestyle

Welcome to an Afternoon Tea with Chef Charlene Nolan 

Episode 42

Char shares her inspiring story how she transformed her lifestyle and her health in her 60's to beat the crippling effect of arthritis, finding purpose and now teaching medical students how to help patients beat chronic diseases in their later years through supportive community setting by cooking and eating health promoting, whole food plant based diet.  

This is how you live your best life in your 70's while inspiring everyone around you!


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About Chef Charlene Nolan

Armed with a degree in public health from Temple University, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Char Nolan is a plant-based chef who is a advocate for helping others embrace a plant-based lifestyle. She completed coursework from the E Cornell nutrition studies program of the T. Campbell Institute.

As well, Char is a graduate of the Rouxbe plant-based professional chef program, where she is also a member of Chef Instructional Team, working with students from all over the globe. At the present time, Char is a faculty member at the culinary literacy center of the Free Library of Philadelphia, where she teaches plant-based cooking to older adults with chronic disease.

Recently, she completed an 18 month study to measure the effects of a whole food, plant-based diet on homeless and those who are chronically ill. Char is also a contributor to Veg World magazine, where are you can find articles about food trends and plant-based influencers.

Char is also a member of Les Dames d’Esscoffier, an international society for females involved with food. Most of Char’s culinary influences come from her Italian grandparents, both of whom were chefs. Char is married and has two grown children.

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