Here you can find the current CHIP facilitators who offer the
CHIP program on or off our platform in the UK.



Dr Erica Lin

Dr Erica Lin is a GP & LIfestyle Medicine Doctor with a well-rounded approach to healing. She is a certified breathing and yoga instructor and of course, you guessed right! She is the co-founder of Afternoon Tea with Docs! 

Valerie Benfield

I have been a dance fan for over 30 decades and have put my parents' investments of dance classes in 4 disciplines into becoming a fitness instructor and now teach dance-based classes. The passion only grows. Even though I have been active my whole life I was unaware of how adversely stress can affect not only my body but my mind. I have since learned that being healthy is more than what you eat, drink and how much exercise. There were great puzzle pieces to health I learned from CHIP which has inspired me to share the knowledge that is power.  Everyone has the right to learn the keys to living the best holistic life possible. Life is for living after all! Achieving full health can be a journey though, let's enjoy the journey together. 

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Dr Liz Arnold

I am a GP in Cardiff and am passionate about all things in lifestyle medicine and reversing chronic disease. I completed the CHIP facilitator course in Feb 2021 and am keen to engage and empower people to manage (and in some cases reverse), chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Dr Sarah Woods

Originally from the Isle of Man, I live now in South Wales with my husband and young children.

I have been an NHS GP for 13 years and developed an interest in lifestyle medicine over the last few years. I have found learning about the evidence behind nutrition, sleep, physical activity and stress management fascinating. As well as using this knowledge to help patients, I have also found it very useful personally. I am currently studying for a diploma in lifestyle medicine to gain further knowledge and qualification. As a trained CHIP facilitator, I am enjoying delivering the CHIP course with my colleague Helen and have seen the huge benefits to people on this journey. Outside this, my priority is spending time with those I’m close too and I have also fairly recently developed a real love of trail running in the beautiful welsh scenery. 

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Dr Helen Gripper

I am a G.P with a specialist interest in Lifestyle medicine in Swansea, South Wales and I am a qualified lifestyle, career and work-life balance coach. I am also an enthusiastic and motivating CHIP facilitator, working with Dr Sarah Woods.  My passion lies in helping people from all walks of life to achieve optimum health and wellbeing and to help support and empower people to become healthier and happier and to feel more fulfilled, positive, content, calm, re-energised and confident in their daily lives.


Spending time with my husband and my beautiful 6-year-old fun daughter, family and friends are important to me, as is being active in the outdoors in nature. I love walking, running, paddle boarding, camping, travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people and my main methods for rejuvenating and relaxing include reading, cooking, journaling, listening to music, meditating and practising yoga. 

I love working with people who are committed, motivated and ready to change and who have similar core values and beliefs to me. 


Contact us to join our supportive facilitator community. Once you sign up, you will benefit from: 


Tech, media, payment and so much more. 

  • Network - networking opportunity with other facilitators. 

  • Participants - you will never run out of participants. 

  • Payment - we will pay you for delivering the course.  Our facilitators get paid £50/Hour. 

  • The facilitator course costs £745. Delivering only 16 hours of Facilitation will pay your course fees back, and allow you to make a real difference in your participant's life and communities! Contact us to sign up to become a facilitator, and join the supportive community making a real difference in and outside of the NHS. 


  • Marketing - we will sort it all out for you. With the power of our social reach and Sunday Afternoon Tea with Docs events, we can share your amazing CHIP results on a national and global level. 


  • Delivering CHIP in the NHS - Are you a GP or Hospital Consultant who would like to deliver the program in the GP or your hospital setting? Would you like your local PCN to pay for the participants while you deliver CHIP via a group consultation model but you don't know how to approach your own PCN or hospital to fund it? We aim to join forces with you and Compass Health Medical to find unique ways to help you deliver the program in your practice. 

  • We would like to invite you to join our mission: 100 hospitals taking the pledge to take care of their NHS staff Initiative. Join us to help inspire 100 hospitals to show they care for their staff members!
    We are keen to bring healing to our fellow colleagues and we are looking to work together with colleagues from hospitals who would like to deliver the program to colleagues.
    We aim to approach hospitals across the nation to sign up to pay for their staff to experience healing through the CHIP program. We hope to partner with you to heal our colleagues so once they have benefited they can spread the knowledge of chronic disease prevention, treatment and reversal across their communities.